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AlanDavesPublishing is pleased to assist novice writers in navigating the world of "self" publishing. AlanDavesPublishing will assist novice writers with formatting, basic copy-editing, copyright registration, ISBNs, etc. AlanDavesPublishing can set-up a website for your book and manage sales via the website as well as list your book on Amazon.

AlanDavesPublishing can work with you to set up a contract with NO MONEY UPFRONT required and exceptional royalty percentages. If you are interested in learning more click "contact us" to the left or email

AlanDavesPublishing assisted Jill Boatwright with the publishing of "The History of Hokes and Surrounding Area" in 2013 and is assisting fellow novice genealogist Doyle Daves with publishing his book "Daves in America". Alan is also currently writing a biography of Hokes Bluff native Paige Foster, who died at 17 from leukemia.

If you are interested in genealogy or have questions regarding basic genealogy research, contact He will be happy to assist you with basic information or suggestions.


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The History of Hokes Bluff and Surrounding Areas

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The Descendants of Edmond Reaves (1775-1855)
Alan Daves is a descendant of Edmond Reaves and author of  "The Descendants of Edmond Reaves (1775-1855)" of Calhoun County, Alabama. The writing and publishing of Volume I and II of the book was the start of AlanDavesPublishing. Through the process of writing and publishing the books, Alan learned the ins and outs of small business/Indie publishing and the role of "Self-Publishing" in today's literary world.
The author is available via the contact us tab or via email at for questions on genealogy research or  experiences in self-publishing. Also, if you have some questions regarding the Reeves or Reaves ancestry, he can try to help.  Although Alan has the most experience with research on, he can provide some additional hints as well.
BLOG:  The blog on the second tab has several main categories.  One category details the step by step process for developing eBooks as well as self-publishing print versions.  This blog category has information that can be useful to any budding author or self-publisher. Another main category focuses on genealogy research.  This category tries to provide helpful hints based on lessons learned as I learned the best ways to research my ancestors.  This category is certainly useful to other amateur genealogists. Anyone interested may subscribe to the site and the blog or follow it on facebook via networked blogs. 
FACEBOOK: AlanDavesPublishing has a page on Facebook.
Volume I: Volume I is a reference book.  It contains the genealogical report from Robert Ryves (b. 1490) down to the the 18th generation many of whom were born in the 21st century. Over half of the book are references for the facts in the report. The report will tell you not only that X married Y on a certain date but the reference cited will tell you that the information came from a particular record like a census report or a marriage index, etc.  
Volume II: This volume details the story of the ancestors of Edmond Reaves back to Robert Ryves.  It also provides some information on his descendants, focusing on William Clemens Reeves and the part of the family that pioneered the area of Hokes Bluff and Ball Play in Etowah County, Alabama.  Additionally Volume II is a full color book with many photographs.
PRINTED VERSIONS:  The print versions are available at the Web Store link above, the first link below or via
eBook Versions:  If you have a Nook, Kindle, or enjoy reading books on your computer or mobile device, you can purchase the eBook version of Volume I at at the sidebar link (ePub format) or the eBook Kindle version at at the bottom of this page. Although it is convenient to read on my Nook and iPhone, it doesn't do the content justice.

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Volume II:  The Ancestors and Descendants of William Clemens Reeves of Etowah County, Alabama.  Click the cover image to go to the site to purchase the print version (Available NOW)!

Volume I:  Register Report of Robert Ryves, Dorset, England.  Click the cover image to go to the site to purchase the print version (Available NOW)!


Volume I - Register Report of Robert Ryves, Dorset, England.  Buy the print version or Kindle version at here!  Print Version is about the same price as the link above (including shipping).  You'll get it a little faster than from the eStore above.